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What's Up at CFC, Inc- Week of 6/25/21

OFFICE CHANGES: Since AJ Gaudette is no longer with CFC, Inc. we welcome Rachel Vroom as the Transportation Coordinator. Rachel has been with us as a driver and will now be responsible for additional transportation functions. She can be reached at extension 18, or (no . between the r and the v).

Monday, June 21st, Was Child Tax Credit Awareness Day!

The Largest Child Tax Credit Ever - Learn More at – Share With Your Families !

On Monday, the Biden-Harris Administration celebrated Child Tax Credit Awareness Day. President Biden’s American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act included historic investments to support low- and middle-income parents who have long faced increasing financial strain, worsened by the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Child Tax Credit Awareness Day is meant to ensure that parents know about the ARP Act’s historic expansion of the child tax credit (CTC) and how it will benefit their families.

The CTC Provides Major Tax Relief for Nearly All Working Families

· All working families will get the full credit if they make up to $150,000 for a couple or $112,500 for a family with a single parent (also called head of household).

· The CTC has been expanded to $3,000 per child ages 6–17 years and $3,600 per child younger than age 6.

· Roughly 39 million households—covering 65 million children (nearly 90 percent of children in the United States)—will automatically receive the new CTC.

· Starting on July 15th and continuing through the rest of the calendar year, payments of $250 per child between ages 6–17 or $300 per child younger than age 6 will be made monthly (via direct deposit for 80 percent of families and through the mail for the others).

· The Internal Revenue Service has launched a simplified online tool that will allow families not automatically enrolled in the program to receive the CTC. For more information, visit

President Biden’s American Families Plan Calls for Extending the CTC for Years and Years

The new CTC enacted in the ARP Act is only available for 2021. President Biden strongly believes that we should extend the new CTC for years to come, and he proposes to do that in his American Families Plan.

Easy Signup for Low-Income Families To Cut Child Poverty in Half

Low-income families with children are eligible for this crucial tax relief, including those who have not made enough money to be required to file taxes. If a couple makes less than $24,800, a head of household makes less than $18,650, or a single filer makes less than $12,400, and they have not filed their taxes, a simple, easy tool is available to sign up for the CTC. Learn more at

*Summer has officially arrived and many of you have already notified us of your vacations. With limited openings

it would be helpful if you let us know of any sub-care openings that you have. Also, if you have permanent openings we’d like to know

that as well!

*Please make sure that you are notifying us in advance of any time off that you’ll be taking. When families request

sub-care it takes time to set it up, especially when transportation is involved!

*If you know of families who may qualify for a subsidized child care slot refer them to us. We will contact them to

see if they’re eligible, can place them on the centralized waitlist, and contact them with your openings.

Great job on getting your attendance filled in on time every week!!! 😊

Some Summer EEC Updates

Ratios: Children younger than ten who live in the residence and are present for more than three consecutive hours on each of five consecutive days, will once again be considered to be in the care of educators for Family Child Care Providers (606 CMR 7.03(5)(c)3) and will thus count towards capacity. Recognizing that many providers may have already solidified their enrollment for this summer based on the capacity requirements specified in the Interim Regulations, EEC is developing guidance on obtaining a variance for this requirement through the end of the summer; more specific guidance on this topic is forthcoming. Providers may continue their current enrollment until the variance guidance is released.

Licensing Visits: EEC will be returning to in-person monitoring visits before July 31, 2021. All visits will be announced at this time which will give the program and licensor an opportunity to discuss expectations before a visit. EEC will make a determination at the end of the summer about the timeline for returning to unannounced visits. At these announced licensing visits, EEC licensors will ask standard questions about the possible presence of COVID-19 in the program including:

* Has anyone in the program had symptoms recently or been sent home today?

* Have any classrooms been closed recently?

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