Frequently Asked Questions (Educators)

How will I be paid?

Every month you will submit your children's attendance per EEC policies. At the end of the month, CFC will review your attendance, and submit it to EEC. After CFC, Inc. has billed EEC, you will receive payment for half of the previous month on the 15th (or the last business day before the 15th) and the other half on the 30th (or the last business day before the 30th). You can receive your payments via check or by direct deposit

  • Please note: Your first month, you may wait up to 6 weeks for payment. This is because you must complete a billing cycle (one month) before billing, then wait 15 days for payment.

How can CFC, Inc. guarantee payment?

So long as all EEC procedures were followed, CFC, Inc. will pay for absences, holidays, eligible paid time off, and insufficient terminations, as well as for services rendered.