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Weekly Digest 12/3/2021


Parent fees: EEC announced that programs will NOT be expected to begin collecting parent fees on January 1, 2022. Programs will again begin collecting fees from parents beginning February 1, 2022, and we will be providing more information in December.

Since It is important that CFC Child and Educator files be up to date, it’s also important that you send copies of any documents your Support Specialist requests. If you have the originals available during our visits we will be happy to scan them with our phones to print when we return to the office.

Holiday Donations – We have already started receiving donations for Christmas – the deadline is December 13th.

  • Please let Cathy know if you plan to donate.

  • Let her know if you have any families who are in particular need this year so we can start our list.

  • We are asking for money donations. Once we have a total of families and their size we will purchase gift cards

to stores they most often frequent. No amount is too small.

  • Donations can be made through Venmo, check or cash.

We were able to assist 3 families with their Thanksgiving meals! Thank you!


Teaching the Problem Solving Steps When faced with conflict many young children have difficultly coming up with appropriate solutions. They might act out in anger or with frustration for lack of a more appropriate way to deal with the situation. Children need to be specifically taught the problem solving steps, to be able to think of multiple alternative solutions, and to understand that solutions have consequences. Teachers might use the Problem Solving Boy or Girl and The Solution Kit Cards. Solution Kit

Teach steps by:

►Using role play

►Using puppets

►Keeping visuals of problem solving steps posted around the room

►Intentionally planning “problems” to help children practice solving all kinds of problems

►Use the Solution Kit - Remember to make the “picture” sturdy, easy to handle, and durable.

►Either print on cardstock, or glue to a file folder, then cover with contact paper or laminate.

►With a hole puncher, punch out the holes on the upper left circles on the cards.

►Place the cards in order on metal ring and add to a lanyard or key chain.

►Keep within reach & review with children as needed

PYRAMID MODEL Professional Development Opportunity

Pyramid Model for Birth to Five – NOW AVAILABLE IN SPANISH! (15 EEC Credit Hours) This is an online professional development course created by the Pyramid Model Consortium (PMC), experts in the field of social-emotional development in early childhood. The course content is divided into three modules:

o Building Relationships and Creating Supportive Environments

o Social Emotional Teaching Strategies

o Individualized Intervention; Determining the Meaning of Behavior and Developing Appropriate Responses


Educator Agreement Item #15

The Educator agrees to accept referrals for occasional substitute care in the event that a parent’s regular Educator is unavailable and the referral is within the substitute Educator’s license and program capacity. Only substitute care scheduled through CFC, Inc. will be reimbursable. The Educator agrees to have on file a completed substitute care information form for each child, including the parent’s signature authorizing the substitute care.



Cuotas para padres: EEC anunció que NO se espera que los programas comiencen a cobrar cuotas para padres el 1 de enero de 2022. Los programas volverán a cobrar cuotas a los padres a partir del 1 de febrero de 2022 y proporcionaremos más información en diciembre.

Es importante que los archivos de CFC para niños y educadores estén actualizados y, por lo tanto, es importante que envíe copias de cualquier documento que solicite su especialista en apoyo. Si tiene los originales disponibles durante nuestras visitas, estaremos encantados de escanearlos con nuestros teléfonos para imprimirlos cuando regresemos a la oficina.

Donaciones navideñas: ya hemos comenzado a recibir donaciones para Navidad; la fecha límite es el 13 de diciembre.

• Infórmele a Cathy si planea donar.

• Hágale saber si tiene familias que lo necesiten en particular este año para que podamos comenzar nuestra lista.

• Estamos pidiendo donaciones de dinero. Una vez que tengamos un total de familias y su tamaño, compraremos tarjetas de regalo.

a las tiendas que más frecuentan. Ninguna cantidad es demasiado pequeña.

• Las donaciones se pueden hacer a través de Venmo, cheque o efectivo.

¡Pudimos ayudar a 3 familias con sus comidas de Acción de Gracias!


Enseñar los pasos para resolver problemas Cuando se enfrentan a un conflicto, muchos niños pequeños tienen dificultades para encontrar soluciones adecuadas. Pueden actuar con ira o frustración por la falta de una forma más adecuada de lidiar con la situación. Los niños necesitan que se les enseñe específicamente los pasos para la resolución de problemas, que sean capaces de pensar en múltiples soluciones alternativas y que comprendan que las soluciones tienen consecuencias. Los maestros pueden usar las Tarjetas para resolver problemas, niño o niña y el kit de solución. Kit de solución

Enseñe los pasos de la siguiente manera: