Meet Our Staff



                                                                       Carol Tousey-Crosby

    Oversees agency operations and contracts, policy development, fiscal management, resource development


                                                   Information Specialist / Transportation Coordinator 

                                                                         Jeffrey 'AJ' Gaudette

                  Coordinates all transportation components, designs and maintains the information system to ensure                                            all employees have the technology and information they need.




                                                                           Business Manager

                                                                               Emma Smith 

 Responsible for billing, accounts receivable and payable, Educator reimbursement, parents fees and payroll


                                                                        Parent Intake Specialist

                                                                            Luz Vasconcellos

 Determines family eligibility for child care subsidies, assists families in determining which FCC programs may meet their individual needs, maintains a consumer  wait-list, assists in  monitoring Educator openings, oversees substitute care when the regular Educator is unavailable


                                                                           Program Manager

                                                                             Cathy Maltais

 Manages staff/Educator visiting and social service components, coordinates staff and Educator training, acts as liaison between agency, families, Educators and state FCC licensors

                                                                  Social Services Coordinator

                                                                           Carolyn Mulhern

 Act as family advocates, assisting them in finding FCC child care programs that meet their needs, support families in understanding child development and the role of family child care, develop community resources, provide technical assistance to Educators, with a concentration in supporting at-risk and teen parent families



                                                                       Support Specialists

                                                            Tara Jansen and Jackie George

 Act as liaisons between FCC Educators, agency staff, and parents, conducting regular on-site visits to FCC  programs, provide technical assistance, education and support to Educators and parents, assist Educators in enhancing the quality of their programs, including business management


                                                                                              Office Manager

                                                                        Donna Sullivan

 Responsible for accepting child care inquiries, coordinating substitute care,  managing   program and company day-to-day functions.




                                                                  Transportation Services

 Our drivers provide transportation 5 days per week year-round, based on family need and eligibility

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