Our philosophy is to offer comprehensive services that address the changing needs of children and their families.
     We strive to reinforce the involvement of family, program staff, sub-contracted FCC Educators and the community in supporting the healthy development of young children.
     We are a vital ‘link’ to Educators and families and are committed to our role as facilitator, educator and support system, thereby creating a partnership in child caring.
     We value the child as an individual who develops at his/her own pace.  We model our relationships with parents and Educators on the theory that children learn through play and must be encouraged through active movement, meaningful experimentation and reinforcement.
     We believe that the strengths of families can be realized through stability and quality within family ‘home-like’ child care environments.  These “multi-aged” environments are essential to younger children in particular, since they offer a head start in achieving personal relationships, self-esteem and self-sufficiency, through flexible routines.

   Commonwealth Family Childcare, Inc. is a network of Family Child Care (FCC) homes joined together under the support and guidance of one agency. Through our contracts with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we are able to offer parents referrals for subsidized child care in licensed FCC homes.

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